Friday, September 21, 2007

Educational Leave and Release Time

One of the biggest items in process right now is a new benefit, Educational Leave and Release Time. This program will allow employees to take leave (with varying pay and benefit levels) to complete accredited certificate or degree programs. This is still in DRAFT form, so not official yet, but soon hope to be available. Here are some of the details of the program, as it is in DRAFT form:
Must be a non-represented, full-time, staff or faculty employee.
Must be a benefited employee for 3 years prior to entering program.
Program must be accredited certificate or degree program.
Up to 1 semester off for study, with up to 100% pay/full benefits.
Up to 1 year off for study, with up to 50% pay/full benefits.
Up to 3 years off for study, with no pay, and limited benefits.

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