Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Even though the survey that was available for commenting on SkillSoft ended on Friday (the 16th), you can still complete course evaluations for courses you take through the program. Everyone is highly encouraged to try some of the courses and send evaluations, so the administrators can see if we're using SkillSoft and what we think of it. They'll be determining if it's beneficial to keep it or look for other alternatives.

SkillSoft has a lot of different courses to try, including business, desktop applications, and IT. There is also a section for Environmental safety and health. There's also a course called Books 24/7, but you have to be logged in to look at it. There are some course catalogs available on the main site, but there's much more information available once you login (with your eDir/MyUA login credentials).

This is a pilot program, and ends on November 30, so please try something and make sure you send feedback, in the form of a course evaluation!

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